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Why Renovate Life?

Renovate Life was built around the idea that everyone deserves the chance to experience a better life, relationships, and work than they are currently experiencing. We founded Renovate Life as a way to give to people what we have experienced in our own journey… a radically better life filled with more love, joy, creativity, security, and peace. Our journey started with the difficult acknowledgment that things in our life weren’t quite what we hoped they would be. We felt stuck as a couple and as individuals. We refused to stay there.

We poured everything we had: our time, our money, our determination into transforming our life together. A big key for us was to discover some incredible tools and insights into why we were stuck and how to create significant lasting change. And that is what we did. The best part was that seeing what we were able to improve only made us hungrier for more. It let us dream bigger and bolder than we even thought possible when the journey began. So we dove deep. We travelled the country to be trained and mentored by some of the brightest minds we could find.

It wasn’t long before we weren’t just learning and soaking up information, we were sharing, teaching, and coaching others. We started to see the kind of transformation we had enjoyed in the people we worked with. We saw lives turned around. We saw marriages go from good to great. We saw businesses launched and teams strengthened. And yet we knew there was more.


We made it our passion to learn as much as we could about relationships and human thriving.

So we gathered a team of people motivated to create a cultural shift around a vision of thriving relationships and how we can support people on that journey. We know we are not alone and so we are gathering a movement of people pursuing exceptional relationships. Because the truth is that there is more.

There is more to this life.

More to love. More to make and do.

And we can do it better.

Because that is what we all deserve.

You’re invited on the journey and we welcome you to the movement!

Let’s get to work!

The Raabsmiths

We are grounded, authentic, insightful and compassionate Relationship coaches that love to help individuals, couples, and teams tap into their inner power to create life-giving change in themselves and in their relationships.

We are passionate and committed to helping transform relationships because we have experienced the joy and peace of healing transformation in our own lives.

Early on in our marriage we began to realize that while we loved and cared for each other very deeply, there were some destructive habits and cycles that were hindering our growth personally, as a family, and even in our business.

For years we weren’t sure where to turn or how to fix the broken parts of our lives.

We have been in that hopeless, confused, and unsure place.

We each made the choice not to stay there.

We began the journey of transformation and have never looked back. We did the necessary work of rebuilding our marriage from the damage done by anger, control, addiction, and even betrayal. We dove deeper into understanding what caused these behaviors and sought out professional training to help ourselves and others find a way out.

With hard work, transformative tools, and professional guidance we began reaching our goals and discovering even bigger dreams! Our life has never been better and we continue to use the practices and insights we have learned along the way to thrive in all areas of our lives.

It is a privilege that we get to use our experience, training, and talents to help others find what they have been desperately searching for: safe and supportive relationships which empowers them to not just survive, but thrive.

Learn more about how we can work together to create relationships that are full of life, joy and peace.


Founder and CEO


Matthew works with clients from a variety of backgrounds and needs. He has been coaching both individuals, couples, and teams for a number of years, and has over 15 years experience as a pastoral leader and counselor. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. His method centers around identifying a client’s best self and which strengths need to be leveraged for growth and transformation. He is comfortable working with both individuals, couples, and staff teams.

Matthew’s areas of special interest include working with professional growth, addiction recovery, relationship health, leadership development. He is excited to demonstrate how change takes place when people discover resources and tools that are at their disposal. Matthew connects easily with people and uses his infectious passion and energy to encourage them on their journey.


Founder and CEO


Joanna is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and professional life coach serving the North County area of San Diego. She earned two graduate degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary, a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy and a Masters of Divinity. She is a Level II trained Restoration Therapist and is certified in EMDR. She is also a CCPS trained in the multidimensional partner trauma model through APSATS. She uses a client centered approach and areas of special interest include working with couples going through recovery, relationship issues, leadership, addiction, self-esteem, anxiety, and spiritual issues.

She enjoys working with couples and individuals, helping them in their pursuit of a life well lived. She believes growth through coaching is a journey that begins with the discovery and understanding of your story, as you share your pain, passions, and hopes in a safe environment. As trust is developed, you begin to work as a team, helping you discover obstacles and opportunities to greater health.

Exceptional Relationships. For Everyone.


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