Life is built on Relationships

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Changing the Culture of Relationships

Our vision at Renovate Life is to create a movement of people pursuing exceptional relationships. We work to inspire people and empower them with tools to build thriving connection in their lives.



Whether you want to see change personally or in your relationships, we work with you to discover the blocks in reaching your goals and open up possibilities to let you live out your full potential.



Whether your relationship is falling apart, stagnant, or even a good place, we help you explore and change patterns of unhealthy interaction and create a firm foundation for you to experience new levels of connection and intimacy.



We help teams learn how to work together to build something amazing while creating a supportive environment where each person feels excited to bring their best, transforming the workplace from a space of monotony to one of passion and growth.


When my relationship wins,
I never lose.
Matthew Raabsmith


Renovate Life Youtube channel

Featuring “We Can Relate: Professional Advice in Real Life,” a series that tackles your toughest questions about life, love and relationships. Join us there every week for a new episode!


We coach individuals, couples, and teams to improve their relationships using proven resources and tools that are verifiably effective. We work with clients around the world both in person and through video-conferencing platforms.

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Renovate Life isn’t just a company, it is a movement of people who want to radically improve all aspects of their lives and relationships. In July 2020 we are launching this community officially. Contact us to get an invitation when we launch!

Exceptional Relationships. For Everyone.


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